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Scanning /E.M.I.

Stealth Oilwell Services provides a comprehensive tubing and rod scanning service using E.M.I. that will help your company with making an informed decision for each well we scan. Our in-house training program provided by our experienced and diligent supervisors ensure your company receives an accurate and consistent scan every time. To the right are few things Stealth’s scan department has at your disposal.

  • We can detect flaws, voids, splits, holes, corrosion, rod or tubing wear, pitting, all types of erosions, and other impurities.
  • Able to scan 1 ¼” – 5 ½” tubing and casing, any connection and any internal coating.
  • Able to scan ¾”-1” steel rods, rod guides do not affect scan
  • Scan tubing to API standards.
  • Offer custom scan settings and reports tailored to your preference.
  • All equipment is calibrated at the shop regularly and can be calibrated in the field. A printout can be provided if requested.
  • We have two methods of calibrating at the shop and offer one onsite method.
  • On board diagnostics with all trucks, a printout can be provided if requested.
  • Split strings or tapered rod strings are not an issue, trucks carry multiple sized inspection heads.
  • Changing sizes is fast and takes less time than the rig will.
  • The use of ultra-sonic thickness gauges is a physical way to ensure accuracy and is done onsite.
  • Scan trucks are equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities so your scan reports can be emailed directly to you from the field.
  • Quality control management in the field provided by our supervisors and safety coordinator.

We have your well’s solution in our sights.

Tubing Testing/ Hydrostatic Testing

Stealth Oilwell services provides a thorough and reliable tubing testing service so you know your tubing string’s integrity will perform as expected. Our in-house training program provided by our experienced and diligent supervisors working alongside our mechanic shop keeps us running reliably to eliminate down time. The “Stealth Hydro-Data App” is an exclusive tool, only available through Stealth, that allows a real time display, pressure test recording, and an emailable digital log in one convenient package. A few things Stealth’s test department has at your disposal:

  • Able to test 1”-7” tubing and casing.
  • Able to test bare or any internally coated tubing and with any connection.
  • Able to pressure up from 20 psi to 22,500k psi.
  • Chart recorders for state tests. All charts are updated and are maintained through third party calibration.
  • We can test going in or out of the well, off the rack or onto the rack.
  • No rig needed testing available as well. We can test at a wellsite, your pipe yard, or have it shipped to ours.
  • As another option we can store your pipe at our facilities.
  • Quality control management in the field provided by our supervisors and safety coordinator.
  • Stealth Hydro-Data logging with real time displays, pressure testing recording, and digital report available upon request.

We work well under “Hydro” pressure.

Surface Testing

Stealth Oilwell Services also offers surface testing and certification with the same quality and reliability as our top-notch tubing testing. Our proficiently trained testers can use their test trucks in a variety of ways than will help you save time and money. Our exclusive Stealth Hydro-Data App used in our Tubing Testing division is also available for use with any of your surface testing needs. Here are a few of Stealth’s surface testing capabilities:

  • Able to pressure test from 20 psi to 22,500 psi.
  • Stealth Hydro-Data logging with real time displays, pressure testing recording, and digital report available upon request.
  • Test and certify acid, cement, flowback, and frac iron.
  • Test and certify acid, cement, flowback, and frac hoses.
  • Test and certify cement and flowback manifolds.
  • Kelly hoses.
  • Flow lines, poly or steel.
  • BOP’s, frac stacks, and wellhead.
  • Coil or wireline lubricators.
  • Equipment can be tested on site or at our yard depending on mobility of equipment.
  • Sand traps, separators, and other surface vessels.

If we can connect to it, we can test it!

Downhole Solutions/ Packers

Stealth Oilwell Services provides professional and efficient solutions for your downhole needs giving you confidence that your procedures are executed properly. Our meticulously maintained equipment and experience tool hands are the right combination on your well. Here are a few things available to you when using our services:

  • Service tools ranging from 3 ½” to 10 ¾”.
  • Compression packers, heavy duty tension packers with unloaders, retrievable bridge plugs, wireline capable packers and RBP’s, mechanical setting tools, cast iron bridge plugs and cement retainers, cement manifolds, PPI tools, as well as other options.
  • Casing scrapers, bailers, venturi tools, overshots, grapples, mud buckets, sliding sleeves, among other convenient tools on hand.
  • In-house testing and redressing of all tools.
  • Offering third party unbiased testing and redressing of tools.
  • Stocked inventory of nickel coated productions/completion tools and accessories.
  • We can maintain and update customer inventory as needed.
  • New installs, re-entry wells, temporary and permanent abandon wells, workovers, assisting in well site supervision.

You have a well, we have the solution.

Work Strings

Stealth Oilwell Services offers work string/ rental pipe and pipe storage. Tested and inspected to ensure a standard of quality and control you have come to expect from us.

  • 2 3/8” E.U.E. L-80.
  • 2 7/8” E.U.E. L-80.
  • Catwalks and Pipe Racks.
  • We can arrange delivery and pick up.

Hot Shot

Stealth Oilwell Services provides you with a safe and reliable transportation and delivery. We have several options when it comes to delivering your equipment to and from your facilities to its destination.

  • Reliable winch truck.
  • Several power units.
  • Dependable pole truck.
  • Different sized trailers, 16’ tandem axle to 40’ gooseneck.

Safety and Compliance

Stealth Oilwell Services will work alongside your safety standards and expectations with our in-house Safety and Compliance division. By working together, we can ensure every worker can safely and efficiently complete any task at hand. We are all safety leaders at Stealth and here is how we can accomplish that:

  • Stealth is proficient in Avetta, Ariba, ISN, PEC, TPS, NCMS, and Veriforce.
  • Our lead safety coordinator is OHSA certified, has an Occupational Safety and Health Degree, certified PEC Safety trainer, Safeland trainer, and H2S four-hour end user trainer.
  • In house courses on communication, drug and violence free workplace, hazard control, personal protection equipment, industrial hygiene, emergency action plans, fire safety, confined safety, fall protection, elevated work, forklift safety, crane and rigging, motor vehicle safety.
  • Offers onsite solutions and safety consulting.
  • Coordinating with each division to ensure quality control.

Our sights are set on zero incidents. 0-0-0